What is Not Allowed in a Rented Dumpster?

June 9, 2023

Are you a property owner asking what is not allowed in a rented dumpster? This is an excellent question, as renting a dumpster doesn’t mean you can toss out just anything. Putting prohibited items in a rented bin typically means costly fines! Some dumpster rental companies also won’t pick up a bin containing restricted items.

Most dumpster rental companies don’t allow the following:

  • Flammable materials, including gasoline and lighter fluid
  • Cooking oils
  • Aerosol cans
  • Asbestos and Freon
  • Various chemical products
  • Electronic waste with batteries intact
  • Other hazardous waste

This is just a short list of common materials that dumpster rental companies prohibit. Your chosen rental company should have a comprehensive list of items to keep out of their bins.

In the meantime, check out some details of what most companies don’t allow in a rented dumpster. This information can alert you to what you might discuss when you’re ready to schedule a temporary dumpster rental.

what is not allowed in a rented dumpster

What Cannot Be Placed in a Dumpster?

First, understand that dumpster rental companies must abide by local laws when it comes to rubbish disposal. Second, some companies allow certain materials in specialty dumpsters only. Considering that, consider some more specific information about dumpster rental restrictions.

Flammable materials

Flammable materials risk fire hazards in a rented dumpster, especially during transport. Also, excess heat and direct sunlight can combust certain materials. In turn, dumpster rental agencies usually prohibit motor oil, gasoline, lighter fluid, charcoal fluid, cooking oil, etc.

However, this restriction usually doesn’t apply to wood and paper products such as furniture and drywall. These materials don’t usually combust in a dumpster, so most companies don’t consider them flammable. On the other hand, you might check if your company allows foam, fiberglass insulation, and cut wood pieces.

Combustible materials

As with flammable materials, combustible materials pose fire hazards when stored improperly. Also, putting too much pressure on some packaging can risk having them combust! Most dumpster rental companies won’t allow aerosol cans, propane tanks, and other such materials in their bins.

Ask your rental company if you need to toss out empty canisters that once held combustible materials. They might still have restrictions on their disposal or allow them in their bins. Their restrictions might also depend on what materials those canisters once held!

Asbestos and Freon

Asbestos is a natural fiber once used in insulating materials. However, those fibers are dangerous when inhaled. Consequently, insulation manufacturers no longer use asbestos in their materials.

The same is true of Freon, the brand name of some household refrigerants—these risk environmental damage when released into the air. In turn, very few air conditioning manufacturers use Freon refrigerants.

Due to these health and environmental risks, many areas have strict laws about disposing of asbestos, Freon refrigerants, etc. Dumpster rental agencies typically prohibit these in their bins.

If there is any risk of your rubbish containing these materials, speak to your rental agent! They can advise on any restrictions or requirements for disposing of these items.

Various chemical products

Many dumpster rental agencies limit chemical products in their bins. These products might include solvents, paint thinners, adhesives, certain cleansers, automotive fluids, etc. If you need to dispose of these items, always check with your agency before tossing them in a dumpster!

Electronic waste with batteries intact

Consumers often forget that batteries risk explosion when heated or put under pressure. This includes the battery in your laptop, cellphone, tablet, and other electronics.

If you need to dispose of these items, check with your rental agency. They might allow such products if you remove the batteries first. Also, they might advise on an alternative disposal method, such as nearby recycling centers that accept electronic waste.

debris removal palmetto

Various hazardous materials

Many dumpster rental agencies prohibit various hazardous materials in their bins. For instance, car tires and foam might not easily explode or catch fire. However, these materials might smoke when exposed to heat. That process can release toxic fumes or otherwise risk health and environmental hazards.

With this in mind, check on any restrictions for mattresses, tires, fiberglass insulation, car batteries, wood treated with harmful chemicals, and industrial drums. Since every rental agency sets its own rules, always check ahead if you’re unsure about any item you need to be removed!

What Can You Put in a Rented Dumpster?

With so many restrictions on what you can put in a rented dumpster, you might wonder what you can toss out! Fortunately, most dumpster rental agencies allow standard household items and construction debris. These typically include:

  • Household furniture and accessories (pots and pans, decorative items)
  • Drywall, brick, concrete, and framing
  • Roofing shingles, clay tiles, and metal panels
  • Floor tiles and carpeting
  • Small tools
  • Yard waste
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Paper items

Above all, ask your dumpster rental company about restricted or allowed items. They can advise you on their company’s policies specifically. Also, as said, they might suggest where to dispose of certain things. You can manage your cleanout or construction project as needed and ensure a safe dumpster rental process.

Chuck-It Dumpster Rental Palmetto is happy to help explain what is not allowed in a rented dumpster. Hopefully, you found this information useful! If you’re in the area, call our Palmetto dumpster rental company. We have a variety of roll-off dumpster rental sizes at various price points. Additionally, we can help you choose the right size dumpster for your project. For more information, call us today.


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